I'm an artist, landscape designer, and acdemic.

Landscape Design with Trees
I make, and collaborate on experimental projects using new forestry techniques and research. With a particular interest in the cultural renewal of 'the plantation'- a genre of landscape architecture with  negative connotations-my work advocates wider use of the form as perfectly suited to climate adaption. My forest works are concerned in this respect, with the renewal of 17th Century notions of 'wilderness' as simultaneously formal and wild. These projects often employ dense plantings of young transplants, pairing and juxtaposing 'black' and 'white' species laid out in minimalist geometries.

Sculpture + Installation
Made from the twig, stem and branch by-products of forest management, my sculptural works are also fashioned as black and white structures, known as 'Ciphers'. These fragile site specific and gallery works are inflected by improvisation and contingency from a wide range of cultural practices including Ikenobo, Art Povera, and regional wood-crafts that have developed from the distinctive capacities of different woods.

I live and run a studio in the North of England and hold an acdemic  position at University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape Architecture.

If you are interested in collaborating:

Contact: c.dee@sheffield.ac.uk